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Dyno Services

With DYNO Recruiting and Staffing Services, we also offer a host of services to make life easier for recruiting and staffing offices and individual billers.

DYNO-Research and Sourcing Services

Providing talent to help do research and sourcing activities by the top Researchers and Sources in the industry at a competitive value.

Our Research and Sourcing solutions are designed to make your business more competitive in a highly competitive, global talent market. Guided by proprietary search technology and best practices, our offshore sourMediacing teams are known for speed, accuracy and the impressive numbers of qualified candidates we deliver.

WHY USE 3rd Party Research and SOURCING?

• Maximize Time and Results – Available day or night, Our sources are candidate search specialists. We find the right matches for your requirements and send them directly to your recruiters.

• Benefit from our On-Shore, Near Shore or Off-Shore Model – Embrace the advantages of a team that can work for you day and night while supporting you with local resources and service. Combining our strong onshore presence with the talent and dedication of our nearshore or offshore sources, Dyno Services is uniquely capable of delivering a best-shore model.

Increase Candidate Quality – Our sourcing process has a built in quality assurance tool, ensuring you get a dual-layered screening process. The screening approves or rejects candidates for your requisitions as well as verifies technologies to authenticate candidate contact details. In addition to technology, there is a senior account and QA managers ensuring the best ROI possible for the services you receive.

Enjoy the Service – Like most business in the human capital industry, you are used to providing great customer service. Now it’s your turn. Enjoy the attention and support of a world-class sourcing team committed to the very best in customer service.

DYNO-Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

What’s the difference? Unlike other content marketing programs, Dyno Marketing Automation focuses on delivering Awareness, Social Media, Content Marketing and most importantly – Lead Generation. Nothing is worse than paying a big monthly fee and get no measured results. We set expectations and set specific goals for bringing in New Business, Search Assignments and New Logos.

DYNO-Staffing – Your Back Office Staffing Service

Dyno Staffing is your one-stop, complete staffing program for your office including payroll funding, processing, taxes and deductions. We provide a back office support so every firm can provide their clients with contracting staffing services that take away the cost and headaches of paying staff and maintaining margins. And we do it at a fraction of the costs of the industry competitors.

Payroll Funding

What we offer:
• Access to as much capital as your growing company needs
• Very Competitive Rates

What you can expect:
• An active partnership where growth is a priority
• An understanding of Staffing Industry that most other entities simply cannot provide

Payroll Processing

DYNO-Staffing utilizes a fixed-cost structure not based on revenues. At DYNO-Staffing, we understand the importance of timeliness and precision when it comes to payroll processing. Let us show you how easy payroll processing can be.

Taxes and Deductions:
• Maintain Federal and State income tax requirements
• Manage Pre and Post-tax deductions
• Manage Sick days and Holiday accruals
• Several Payment Options:
• Direct Deposit
• Paper Checks
• Online Pay stubs
• Online W-2 Delivery

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